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Choose your Bag: new trends

The handbag always remains a fashion lover’s most expensive purchase. Every coming-of-age story often involves spending way too much money on a purse, citing a bag’s investment value. But the bag is more than just function– the accessory adds movement, originality, creativity, and an edge no matter the occasion.

Mid-Century Bags

The ’70s are back and it’s not just in furniture. Mid-century aesthetics have been dominating architectural styles over the last several months. With a unique flair and an appreciation for nostalgia, today’s fashion kids.

Crescent Bags

The moon is high in the sky and so is our love for crescent-shaped bags in the upcoming months. With structured top handles that fit perfectly under the crook of your arm, this unusual silhouette proves to be a standout among celebrities.

Folder Bags

Even though we won’t be going to the office anytime soon, we can dream, right? For all of your filing cabinet needs, this corporate-chic silhouette is a sleek take on the man’s briefcase.

Necklace Bags

Fanny packs, step aside. Presenting the newest hands-free accessory: necklace bags.

As the name suggests, the purse-jewelry hybrid slings around a model’s neck. Coming mostly in the form of micro bags, necklace purses are the perfect hybrid between accessory and functionality.

Bottle service

Thanks to this new handbag trend, you officially never have a reason to use a plastic water bottle ever again. Designers displayed the most forward water bottle holders as bag attachments, their own individual bags, or built into belts.

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